Boisterous, New Orleans-flavored jazz
— Ricky Riccardi, Director of Research Collections for the Louis Armstrong House Museum

Emily Asher's Garden Party is a versatile musical ensemble led by Asher's tenacious trombone and sweet vocals.  Called "red hot" and "very exciting" by the Wall Street Journal, this band of all-stars from New York City's vibrant early jazz scene performs coast to coast and internationally from the finest jazz clubs to the busiest swing dance halls. Drawing on the repertoire of Louis Armstrong's enchanting Hot Fives and Duke Ellington's sophisticated melodies to the funky and soulful music of New Orleans brass bands, Garden Party delights audiences of all ages and musical tastes creating fresh growth from vintage roots

I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling. Recorded by Michael Steinman for JAZZ LIVES (


The Wall St. Journal calls Garden Party “a deliberately prosaic name deviously calculated to describe a very exciting combo” and named their 2013 EP, “Carnival of Joy” a “Superior Album.” 

"Simply extraordinary hot jazz played by some of the finest young musicians devoted to keeping this music alive today." -Ricky Riccardi, Louis Armstrong Biographer

"Garden Party is, as advertised, a party band." -Paul de Barros, The Seattle Times

“Emily and her friends have understood something deep about the delicate balance between honoring the originals and creating something new.” -Michael Steinman JAZZ LIVES

Photograph by Eryn Hatzithomas