Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I am THANKFUL for those who listen!

It is important to me to have the respect of my peers, and to study with the master musicians and play in beautiful, friendly, special venues and earn a living doing what I love.  I am thankful for the opportunities in all of these aspects but I am also incredibly thankful for the listeners.  Those who REALLY listen to the music and support music so generously in their own ways. One of the most generous and astute listeners I know is Michael Steinman who, professionally, is a college professor although I can't imagine how he has time to teach when he is writing so prolifically on his blog, JAZZ LIVES and attending so many concerts and listening to an extremely broad range of albums new and old.  I met Michael early in my NYC life at the Ear Inn where traditional jazz magic happens every Sunday night thanks to Jon-Erik Kellso, Matt Munisteri, and a world class roster of guests.

Michael has been generous enough to come to multiple Garden Party performances with his video camera and write about both of my CDs.  Here is his most recent, a review of our Hoagy Carmichael EP, Carnival of Joy:

My favorite passage:

"But CARNIVAL OF JOY is not an attempt to copy hallowed recordings or performances.  Of course I hear sly touches of Louis and Fats and Hoagy himself in these performances, but they are admiring glances rather than full-dress impersonations.  Emily and her friends have understood something deep about the delicate balance between honoring the originals and creating something new, so each of the six songs here is a small, casual drama in itself — joyous or somber, wild or pensive (and in the case of ROCKIN’ CHAIR, nearly ominous) — with singing and playing that adeptly honor the song and carry its many messages straight to us."

I could not ask for a keener perception of our music.  Thank you, Michael!

Read the whole review HERE but beware, if you start poking around in other articles he's written you may find yourself filling with happiness and discovering tons of new music!

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