Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Selling a past life

As with my earlier post about my feelings of New York, I'm blending a little bit of personal life with professional life here.  When I graduated from the University of Washington I moved to Puyallup, WA in order to teach band at a great school in a great district.  I then found a very sweet house to buy (those were the days when you could buy a house on the promise of solid employment!)  I lived in it, worked on it by hand with great help from my family and then when it was just so decided to move to NYC.  I've been managing it from across the country as a rental house for five years and the time has come to sell it.  I've tried selling it before but at some of the worst times to try and sell or while still holding on to the hope that it could make a large profit... I've come down from that dream and am ready to be realistic.  Do you know anyone in the Pacific Northwest who would like to buy a house as an investment or for your own living?  Here is the listing which went up today. My realtor was even able to change the music to one of my CD tracks!

Cute Puyallup South Hill Rambler

the current photos on the ad show the dead of winter and fewer glorious plants than I lived with... but generally my tenants have been a dream taking great care of the property.

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