Friday, December 21, 2012

Seattle Videos and One Last Chance!

Photo by Jim Levitt at The Royal Room, Seattle
We've had an incredible time so far in Seattle, thank you for all of you who have come out and listened and shared the joy of this tour!  Tom Abbott and Gordon Webster have flown home to their families, but we're not finished yet!  This Saturday we'll be at the Conway Muse in the Skagit Valley with the wonderful Solomon Douglas on Piano.

7:30 - 11pm

Here are a few videos from the past week featuring Mike Davis - Trumpet and Vocals, Tom Abbott - Reeds, Gordon Webster - Piano, Michael Glynn - Bass and Jay Lepley - Drums:

Sunday at QAPC:

Monday at Tulas:

Tuesday at Boxley's:

Many thanks to Cami and Ray Davis for all of the video footage!

Wednesday at The Royal Room

Special guest, Steve Treseler

Photo by Jim Levitt

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