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See You Soon, Seattle!!


Seattle Tour, December 16-22


414 West Howe St. Seattle qapc.org

Fundraiser for the Queen Anne Helpline 

The mission of the Queen Anne Helpline is: "To promote personal dignity, self-respect, hope, and an independent quality of life to our neighbors by providing supportive social services to those who need assistance." Since two of our band members grew up in this neighborhood, it feels like a perfect way to start our tour with a benefit concert for an important local service organization.  



915 East Pine Streeet 9:30pm-12:30am www.centuryballroom.com

 My first experiences playing for dancers was in the late 1990's with the youth band Rise and Shine at the Seattle Center Saturday night swing dances. Garden Party has had the opportunity to play for great swing dancers around the Northeast from Philadelphia to Boston.
Fourteen years later I'm back swinging in downtown Seattle but this time with a professional band and  possibly the most successful lindy hop band leader of our time, the great Gordon Webster!  Gordon's exuberance is infectious and his piano playing is stunning.

You can dance all night or just listen and enjoy the music and energy of a truly jumpin' joint.Families welcome, there is a restaurant and bar across the  hall from the ballroom.Don't know how to dance? (it's ok, I don't either! yet.) Come at 9pm for a free beginning dance lesson.

MONDAY, DEC 17, TULA'S 7pm $15

2214 2nd Ave, Seattle www.tulas.com

My first memories of Tulas Jazz club was when I was 19 years old standing outside the doors as my friends Andrew and Michael Glynn performed on stage.  When I was finally old enough to stay in the club past 10pm I saw dozens of great local and national groups play.  I later played in the intrepid weekly big bands including the first year of Jim Cutler's big band.  It is a great pleasure to bring Garden Party to Tula's stage and be joined by Michael Glynn who after several years of living in Albuquerque, NM is gracing the California Bay Area music scene and living in Palo Alto, CA.


101 West North Bend Way, North Bend, WA www.boxleysplace.com

Downbeat Jazz Magazine rates Boxley's as a great venue, and owner and pianist Danny Kolke was a student of my father, Rick Asher! I'm looking forward to heading toward the mountains for a warm community vibe, delicious food and a hot night of jazz.

WEDNESDAY, DEC 19 THE ROYAL ROOM 8:00pm $10 pre-sale $15 door $10 students

5000 Rainier Ave S theroyalroomseattle.com

I've heard nothing but beautiful things about Seattle's newest creative music space.  Wayne Horvitz is very successful musician and composer who has opened this new space which is an asset to listeners and musicians alike.  Please read more about the Royal Room here.

We will be performing as part of one of two Home for the Holidays nights at the Royal Room so there will be a really nice feeling of Seattle camaraderie with other players who are returning to Seattle from their far away homes. Here is the evening's schedule:

8:00pm Evan Shay Group
9:00pm Andy Clausen Trio
10:00pm Emily Asher’s Garden Party
11:00pm Zubin Hensler 


18444 Spruce Street, Conway, WA www.conwaymuse.com

Buy Tickets here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/300074

My mother, Jocelyn Curry Asher, walked into the Conway Muse in October and called me immediately saying "Ems, you must play here!"  Knowing that my mother is not one to exaggerate, I immediately contacted this special Skagit Valley music venue/restaurant/barn/community gathering place.  We will be performing before a fun burlesque show and during the "funky santa party" where you can win $150 for the best santa costume!  The tulips are not in season but it will still be a very colorful night in the Skagit Valley!

Who's in the Band?

Traveling with me from New York will be Seattle native 
Jay Lepley on drums.  Jay's and my paths narrowly crossed while we were both in high school, he at Roosevelt and I at Shorewood, but it was not until recently in Manhattan that we actually connected and played music together.  Jay is well versed in a broad range of jazz and brings a deep stylistic understanding and brilliant phrasing to the bandstand.  
Mike Davis, trumpeter, also graduated from Roosevelt High School but eleven years after Jay.  At only 21 years old Mike has become one of the very top call players in New York's early jazz scene with his truly remarkable ability to synthesize giants like Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke and Cootie Williams into his own sound.  Mike's and my paths crossed many years ago but you should come to a show to hear that story...
Ottowa native Gordon Webster is pianist who must be heard live to truly experience from his fiery stride to lush voicings.  I most often play with Gordon in the wee small hours of the morning at the epicenter of New York's early jazz scene Tuesday nights at Mona's bar in NYC.  
Originally from Utah, reed man Tom Abbott can be found in many NY music scenes and is also successful band leader, father and bionic man.  
Flying up from Palo Alto, California, Seattle native Michael Glynn joins us on bass.  Michael was one of my first and strongest influences in my studies at the University of Washington.  I have always admired his soloing, groove and love of strange foods.
Solomon Douglas will be joining us on piano on Dec. 22 at the Conway Muse.  Solomon travels extensively with his own group the Solomon Douglas Swingtet. 

Can you help us publicize in Seattle?  Please download and print these posters and hang them at your work, schools, give them to your friends.  Share this blog post on your blog, facebook, twitter or email.  If you haven't already, please 'like' us on Facebook.

Thank you and see you very soon!


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