Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thank you to my Kickstarter Supporters!!

My debut album, Dreams May Take You, is now finished and being pressed.  This project simply could not have happened without the generosity and support of more than 90 people.  For their outstanding contributions I would like to publicly thank:

Raymond & JoAnne Eriksen, Mark, Bethany & Myles Fields, Kevin McEvoy & Barbara Epstein, Philip Dizack, Darryl Novak, Paul Newell, Joanie Kwok, Mariko & Ryan Lane, Amy & Eli Asher, Joseph P. Smith, Grandma Betty Curry,  Owen & Chris Skonberg, Mike Treseler, Jeff & Laura Dorr, Gordy & Bonnie Bushaw, Lindley Squires, Don Spiro, Bob & Nancy Miller, Dave Buck, Jeff & Tris Lewis, Nick and Sharon Chappell, DeWitt Peterson, John M. Gamble, George Guidall and John & Margaret Scarborough.

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