Friday, March 18, 2011

If you couldn't be at Dizzy's...

... you missed an incredible week of performances!

My experience with The Nicholas Payton Television Studio Orchestra (NPTSO), one of joyful familial togetherness and immense musical challenge, is easily the most pivotal and influential musical event of my professional life to date.  The diversity and virtuosity of the band members combined with Nicholas' beautiful compositions and arrangements is indescribable. 

While the TSO may, at first listen, seem completely different than Baby Soda and the other small traditional jazz groups I play with, it actually shares a great deal:  passionate and honest people playing authentic and sincere music that is both innovative and respectful of its origins.  I feel blessed to be a part of both musical communities.

I hope you can get even a little sense of it from this footage and review: 

‎ I looked forward to this combination of compositions each night:
The Nicholas Payton T.S.O. Let It Ride / The Crimson Touch from Nicholas Payton on Vimeo.

An interview with Nicholas including a number of video segments from the performance:
The Pace Report: "The Second Coming of Nicholas Payton" The Nicholas Payton Interview from Brian Pace on Vimeo.

The Backward Step

The Nicholas Payton TSO : The Backward Step from Nicholas Payton on Vimeo.

A review from the Wall Street Journal:

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